Setting a New Standard for Solving Lender Compliance Issues

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Setting a New Standard for Solving Lender Compliance Issues

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Using industry best practices, our solutions include customizable workflows, interactive dashboards, seamless third-party integrations, and security protocols equal to large banks.

Always Audit Ready

Our solutions have robust, real-time reporting to provide you with a comprehensive and transparent system of record that protects you, dealers, consumers, and product providers.

Forward-Thinking Roadmap

We prioritize continuous innovation to ensure the technology behind our solutions is consistently meeting your compliance needs today and in the future.

Introducing Refund Control™

Regulators are looking at F&I product refunds more and more. You should too. That’s why we’re introducing Refund Control, the lender-managed, cancellation and refund system for loan products that protects your relationships with dealers as well as your bottom line.

Introducing Refund Control™

Non-compliance can be expensive.

The reality is state and federal regulators are ramping up scrutiny of F&I product refunds and holding lenders accountable to accurately refund consumers. The challenge for lenders is the lack of a reliable, comprehensive workflow to monitor and track the refund process from cancellation through consumer refund as required by consumer protection laws. Your time, money, and reputation are literally at stake.

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A Better Workflow is Needed

F&I product cancellations due to early payoffs, repossessions, and total loss are not consistently processed, tracked, and reported. Dealers may delay or not process the cancellations at all, and administrators have different requirements for cancelling.

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Consumers Need to be Made Whole

The inconsistencies of the refund process make it prone to human and operational errors, which increase the likelihood that a consumer won’t receive the correct refund they’re legally due.

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Lenders Need to be Protected

Lenders have the regulatory burden to make consumers whole. Non-compliance could cost you in more ways than one.

Refund Control™
is the only comprehensive solution built for your bottom line

Refund Control™
is the only comprehensive solution built for your bottom line

Lender controlled and managed workflow to put you in charge

Streamlines and documents the cancellation and refund process

Fast implementation with zero development time

Configured using industry best practices

Customizable workflow with third-party integrations

Security protocols equal to large banks

Robust, customizable reporting and dashboards

Fully auditable and regulator-ready

Created for banks, credit unions, and finance companies

Our lender-controlled workflow works for everyone

Our lender-controlled workflow works for everyone


Lenders use Refund Control™ to submit cancellations to dealers and providers simultaneously and access refund data directly from the provider to ensure consumers have been properly credited in a timely manner.


Dealers and providers receive product cancellation notices in real time, shaving days off of the traditional flow. Providers and dealers are empowered to move quickly to cancel requested products, getting refunds to consumers faster than ever.


Consumers are treated fairly and receive applicable refunds in a timelier manner.


Regulators can see lenders are using a comprehensive, auditable system of record to manage the workflow from request to refund with full transparency.

The right tech.
The right team.

History of success, developing SaaS companies
Extensive lending industry expertise
Specialists in compliance and recoveries
Focused on best practices


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